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About Me

Filmmaker | Storyteller | Human 

 Jess Vogel was born in Albany, raised in Philadelphia, educated in Miami and Tokyo, and currently resides in beautiful Greenpoint, Brooklyn. After majoring in Entrepreneurship at the University of Miami School of Business, Jess moved to New York to pursue a career in, well, many things. 

Right after college, Jess made her mother proud by immediately getting a job with health insurance. While working at The Brooklyn Brothers, a boutique advertising agency, she honed her client-facing skills, learned how to tell a compelling story in 30 seconds and came away with the proven ability to take an idea and turn it into reality. 

In 2013 Jess scratched her entrepreneurial itch, founding a tech startup with her former bosses. Two years, 15 business plan versions and 30 prototype iterations later, and short about a quarter of a million dollars, they wisely decided to walk away. Taking her first step outside of the tech world, Jess tripped and fell into filmmaking, where she has happily resided since.

Starting in narrative then moving on to documentary, Jess has produced both short and long form content. She’s found a bit of a niche, which basically dictates traveling around America to give voice to people who deserve to be heard; demonstrating how empathy, humanity and unity can win out over divisiveness and fear. 

Jess has produced an award-winning series, worked with billion dollar clients, came SUPER close to building a successful tech product and has been intermittently paid for her words. Basically, people have given her various sums of money to use her creativity, intelligence and drive to help make good things happen. She looks forward to her next endeavor, but mostly is just thrilled to stop having to speak in the 3rd person.

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